Two Pitbull KoM Road Bike Pedals, Cleat Set 5-Degree Float, Cleat Set 0-Degree Float

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Time to let the secret out! The new Pitbull KoM (King of the Mountain) pedal is the fastest to engage and now possibly the lightest road bike pedal on the market. With our patented cleat system, we can produce this super light system. Get ready to smash some records, weighing only 114 grams this new pedal will be a game changer!

The cleats are included both Standard with a 0-degree float (Gray Cleat) and with a 5-degree float (Black Cleat) for optimal fit.

This package contains two Pitbull Road Bike Pedals and two each of the 0-degree float (Gray Cleats) and 5-degree float (Black Cleats).

Online orders will be shipped in a plain, unlabeled box in order to help bring you the lowest prices. Please allow up to 5 business days for these pedals to ship.

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